Port Agencies

Prior to a vessel’s arrival to port and after her departure, the NSM team acts as a shipping agent and manages all aspects of port agency:

- acting as representative on behalf of companies who require an agent to protect their interests in all European ports and in inner waterways;

- acting as a mediator between the cargo owners, Shipowners, shippers, consignees, stevedores;
- arranging shipping documentation, issuing of cargo, customs and other carriers documents, assisting with customs clearance and cargo tallying, helping in a ship’s cargo plan elaboration and coordination it with stevedores, taking care of speeding up cargo operations;

- advising on customs, assisting with sanitary and quarantine inspections and with any other rules and regulations issued by Port Authorities and Transport Ministries;

- assisting with payments’ settlement;

- assisting with settlement of any disputes or claims and helping ship master to engage the services of state institution for the protection of Shipowners’ or ship charterers’ interests;

-arranging tugs, pilot service, mooring, safe berth, bunkering, spare parts, repairing, supervision by the Register or diver survey, fresh water, food, laundry services.

- arranging medical aid as well as repatriation of the crew at the Shipowners' or master's request.

- arranging invitation letters for foreign representatives, booking of hotels, transfer, tickets.

Our aim is to alleviate the burden on the master and crew while a vessel is in the port and ensure a quick vessel turnaround.