Navis Ship Management Ltd. provides brokerage for local and global charterers and Shipowners. The main target of the chartering department is to find an optimal solution for our clients and to enter into Charter Party Agreement on the best favourable conditions.
Using an extensive network of industry contacts, Navis Ship Management provides clients with competitive ship brokering services for dry cargo, bulkers, tankers and container ships which encompasses:

  • advising to develop and refine a chartering strategy;
  • locating and estimating the best employment opportunity for any particular vessel;
  • finding the right vessel/ vessels to suite a specific chartering requirement;
  • negotiationing and supporting to complete charter party contracts;
  • instructing the Master in respect of the charter party terms;
  • appointing and ongoing contacts with port agents;
  • monitoring of a vessel to ensure adherence to charter party terms;
  • full post-fixture and account tracking;
  • demurrage/dispatch calculations;
  • full voyage results reporting and analysis;
  • business development support.

Selection of the appropriate Charter Party Agreement as to:

  • cargo type;
  • deadweight;
  • pickup and delivery locations;
  • domestic or international shipment transportation;
  • Deadline.

Depending on the abovementioned, NSM is to find the best available vessel to satisfy your needs.

Our ship chartering procedure is given below:
Step 1 Receipt
of offers

Offers received by following modes will be considered:
- Offers sent via email or by fax.
- As a standard procedure, bidders will be required to submit hard copy of the offer and other related communications for records.
- The time for submission of offers may be suitably extended, if required.

Step 2 Evaluation
of offers

The offers will be ranked according to freight (cargo).
Demurrage rate and other terms and conditions will be negotiated (evaluated).

Step 3 Negotiations/
Counter offers

In case the bidder is interested, he replies with the counter offer where he describes his terms of transaction, proposes to change some terms offered by Shipowner, in other words , he proposes to change conditions of the offer.

Step 4 Fixtures
on subjects

When negotiations are concluded, the ship fixture will be confirmed on “subjects” by following activities:
- Charterer’s management approval
- Supplier acceptance
- Obtaining record note of negotiations and Fixture Note from the Shipowner for record.

Charter Party
Agreements applied: - Voyage Charter
- Time Charter
- Bareboat charter or demise charter
- Costal Voyage Charter